Huangshan Cheap Tour

Huangshan Cheap Tour

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Amazing Shanghai Discovery Tour 9 Days 8 Nights For S$68 (US$54)

2012 April 24th Set Off For Huangshan

Shanghai North station

0800:  Bus departed Shanghai North Station for Huangshan. Long distance buses (40-seater bus) in China are not as comfortable as those in Thailand and Malaysia (25-seater or double deck buses) but are still not too bad.

We prebook our bus ticket a day earlier as it was near the beginning of the China national holiday which begins on the 1st to 3rd of May every year. But it turned out be okay as the bus was only 70 percent filled.

Bus fare from Shanghai North Station to Huangshan: Y148 (S$30 or USD38)

Distance: about 390km

Travel time: approximately 5.5 hours

Going To Huangshan For The !st Time – Please Do Take Note:

Huangshan City and Tangkou Zhen Are The Two tourist Towns Closest To Mount Huangshan

Before you leave for Huangshan, you have to decide which town to go. If you asked the bus ticket counter sales staff for a ticket to Huangshan, more likely you’ll be booked on a bus to Huangshan City which is about 60 to 70 km from actual Mount Huangshan scenic view area. Travel time from Huangshan City to Huangshan scenic view area may takes 1 to 1.5 hours depending on traffic condition.

Tangkou Zhen is the nearest town to the Mount Huangshan scenic view area. It is a very short street at the foot of Mount Huangshan. The bus station is located in the middle of the town, at the back of a petrol(gas) station along the main road. There are regular buses from the bus station going up to Mount Huangshan. The bus fare is Y12 for a 20 to 30 minutes ride up to the entrance of the mountain.

At the same bus stations, there are regular buses plying nearby towns and villages, as well as to the Huangshan City. The bus fare to Huangshan City is about Y18 (via villages to pickup passengers) to Y24(express via highway).

shanghai-huangshan highway tunnel

Arriving In Tangkou Zhen (Huangshan Scenic Area)

As this was our first time travelling to Huangshan, we were uncertain if we should stay in Huangshan City or Huangshan Scenic View Area. We were in fact recommended to stay in Tunxi, an old town in Huangshan City and to leave for Mount Huangshan the next morning at 0630 hours.

We asked some of the passengers (most of them are local but maybe from another town) but none was familar with the area as they were too, first time visiting Huangshan. We made enquiry with the bus driver and he was very kind to help us. The driver told us that the bus would not be going to the downtown of Huangshan City nor Tunxi (our original plan was to stay in this area as recommended by some travellers forum), which is an old street in Huangshan city. However, the bus would stopped at the Huangshan City Bus Terminal to drop off and pickup new passengers and then continued with the journey to Tangkou, a small town in the Huangshan Scenic View Area, which is located at the foot of Mount Huangshan.

Enterprising Bus Driver

The bus driver highly recommended us to stay in Tangkou, which is just at the foot of Mount Huangshan. He assured us that he would take us to a cheap and good hotel which also belonged to the same boss of this bus company he’s now working with. After my conversation with the bus driver, he immediately pull out his mobile phone to call the hotel that he had two guests now on the way……….omg……driving with one hand while the other hand holding his mobile phone talking to the hotel manager that he had just caught two fishes, literally.

Driving and talking with mobile phone is nothing unusual in China, even it is very common in Malaysia….puffing (even though smoking is disallowed in the bus), talking on mobile phone and driving…..all in one, multi-tasking.

1330: Finally We Arrived In Tangkou, Huangshan Scenic View Area

The bus took us right to the entrance of the hotel. It is a new hotel and located behind another hotel belonging to the same boss. No one would have noticed this hotel from the main road as it is blocked by the other hotel at the front.

Huangshan Xiangtian Hotel

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