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Amazing Swimming Pool – Lol! Where’s the Water?

To find out, scroll right down to view video …it’s really funny!

Escaping the summer heat in a swimming pool in Sichuan, China – Picture Reuters 7/28/2007


Amazing News

3 Malaysians facing drugs death sentence trial freed after no-show by prosecutor
Associated Press 9/26/2007 1:15 AM

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) – Three Malaysians facing a mandatory death sentence if convicted for drug trafficking walked free from court after the prosecutor failed to show up for their trial, a lawyer said Wednesday.

High Court judge Muhamad Ideres Muhamad Rapee in the central Ipoh town discharged the three on Tuesday when the prosecutor did not arrive for the start of the trial, defense counsel Gurbachan Singh said.

But the discharge means charges have not been dropped and they can be re-arrested later, Gurbachan said. “I believe they (police) will re-arrest them _ (if) they can find them,” he said.

The three were charged with trafficking more than 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) of cannabis in 2003. The offense carries a mandatory death sentence on conviction.

Gurbachan said it was not unusual for defendants to be discharged based on a technicality, and then re-arrested immediately afterward.

Gurbachan said he was also not in court Tuesday, but had written a letter to excuse himself. The trial has faced several delays, he said.


Amazing Video ROTFL

Escaping from the sweltering summer heat in Sichuan, China……..

Cooling-Off Day


www Amazing www: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Funny

The www amazing or so called amazing world wide web  is a jungle of amazing computers, with a massive network spanning every corner of world and connected via wires and satellites. And with a click of a mouse you are able to receive all kinds of information, text, images, audio, video and even get connected live instantly to any anyone at any location, from your computer, wherever you are.

The www is also popularly known as the worldwide web or internet, has revolutionized the world, changes the way people lives and the way businesses are conducted.

No one can dispute that the internet is one of the most amazing discovery and greatest invention of all time.

The amazing internet has brought the world closer together than ever before and has provided everyone with a vast exciting of opportunities but have also, turn it into one the most destructive weapon to mankind ever, in the form of cyber terrorism.

The Good of the www amazing Internet

 The amazing web is now termed as the super information highway. The following are some of the most exciting programs and opportunities it can offer without leaving your home:

  • Research information of any kinds, from school projects and business, to making online. Literally, there is almost “no information” that you cannot find online.
  • Get connected with people from all over the world
  • Seek a partner or spouse online, meet your dream girl or boy friend through the amazing online match maker
  • Online shopping around the world at the click of your mouse
  • Travel the world, visit the amazing NASA space center or explore the amazing arctic glacier and icebergs up close at the comfort of your home
  • Share your interests and resources with anyone in the world that have the same interests
  • Equal opportunities to make money online even if you are in a remote area, so long you can get connected online via www. In the past, most people, living in a small village or a remote location, would probably need to migrate to the big cities to seek for a better job or to earn a better income.
  • Online education and learning

The Bad of the Amazing Internet www

The amazing internet can also provide access to a whole list of undesirable information. Even if your kids are researching on a school project and are searching online for information related to the school work, they might land up or led to websites with sexually explicit information as well as disturbing images that could be harmful.

A recent study reported that the worldwide online gaming community has reaches over 200 million people.

Young children can also come into contact via forum sites, newsgroups and internet chat rooms with new found ‘friends’ who pretend to be children of their same age, but in actual fact, they are pedophiles.

Adults too, can be vulnerable to the amazing worldwide web. The amazing internet technology is getting more sophisticated and you can access online gambling, casino games, sports gambling and all kind of online betting anytime, anywhere as long as you can have to an online access to www.

With easy access to online gambling any moment you want it, new study has found that the www online gambling is more likely to create even worst problems than any other form of gambling.

The www amazingly has also given rise to many forms of online frauds, scamming, phishing, illegible money laundering, etc.

The Ugly of the Amazing www Internet

Thanks to the amazing web, and with the birth of youtube, google video and many other new video sharing sites, anyone can now broadcast oneself on the worldwide web to the world. In the past, it was impossible for any individual to have this kind of global exposure.

On the other hand, just as anyone can broadcast information to the world as quickly as you want to, anyone can also turn to the amazing internet to spread lies and rumor, smearing campaigns and hatred on any individual or group as easily with that same click of a mouse.

The amazing internet has also changed the way the films and music industries, as well as musicians market their films and music. The evolution of the amazing internet has open the floodgate for anyone to move and share information through peer to peer file sharing software in a click of a button.

The Funny of the www Amazing Web

Yes, the web is a joke, hilarious and funny. I mean the amazing web is home to thousands of jokes, funniest pictures and images, amazing audio and humorous video and more. If you’re in need of a good laugh, thousands of funny sites can be found in the amazing web designs to kick your butt off the chair rofl, rolling on the floor laughing.

The www

Amazing Internet Is Here To Stay

For good or for bad, the amazing world wide web is here to stay. According to a recent survey, the amazing web audience in January 2007 has a 10 percent increase versus January 2006. Comscore Networks, a leader in measuring the digital age, had reported that 747 million people worldwide, age 15 and above, used the internet in January 2007.

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